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Volvo Aero Launch

CGI Rapid Images
Footage Stark
Music producer & composer Jonas Quant

Launch the new Volvo Aero through a digital reveal in a new, unexpected way.

Every truck launch in the past decade has more or less had the same structure and contents. To become more relevant for the digital native truckers of today, we needed to think differently and move away from the traditional long launch speeches before anyone got to see the truck.

Use the letters of the name Aero to create online attention and engagement in the launch. And reveal the truck in record time — under one minute.

The campaign was launched on Volvo’s channels two weeks before the reveal. By releasing one letter at a time, we created a massive engagement in the comments sections, where people guessed the meaning of each letter.

On launch day, the film revealed not only one truck but a whole family.

The Volvo Aero range.