Volvo Merchandise

The 2023 Holiday Edit

Photographer Stefan Snyman, Superstudio

Create a unique and fun campaign to promote Volvo Merchandise and celebrate the season holidays—the campaign aimed to reach all Volvo employees and their families and friends.

The fashion industry is known for having a specific photographic style – a look far from most people’s lives but intriguing to many. By placing Volvo’s products in this world, we could change perception and create attention in a new way.

Place Volvo Merchandise into the fashion world by creating a curated look known as an “Edit”, using Volvo’s own employees as models.

The 2023 Holiday Edit.
For Volvo. By Volvo.

The campaign was launched on Volvo Merchandise’s home page for all European countries, on social media and LinkedIn. We targeted our audience with a hero post, and our models became influencers within the Volvo family.