Photographer Johan Westerlind

Swegon is one of Scandinavia’s biggest players within indoor climates. They are now on a journey of rapid growth, expanding their offer and reach. New acquisitions, markets and employees, a complex new brand structure and an increasingly diverse list of customer stakeholders have complicated things for the Swegon brand. To counter this, Swegon needed a strong communication concept that would align employees, prevent confusion, and ensure a unified brand experience – all while solidifying their position as a leader.

We began by helping Swegon to clarify its brand platform, including its purpose and promise. This work became the strategic foundation for our creative concept: “Feel good inside,” a simple, confident message that firmly establishes Swegon at the center of the indoor-climate movement. Deliverables included a new visual expression complete with graphics and a photo library, a brand book, new brand guidelines, a corporate presentation, and a company brochure.